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Das Management der Grundwert USA charakterisiert langjährige Tätigkeiten, insbesondere bei initiieren der geschlossener US und der europäischen Immobilienfonds, der bauträger Tätigkeit im kommerziellen wie Wohnungsbereich und der Finanzierungsrestrukturierungen. Hinzu kommen die Erfahrungen aus verantwortlichen Positionen im Immobilienbereich bei: Banken, Versicherungen, US-Investoren und Analysehäusern. Jede handelnde Person des Unternehmens blickt auf mindestens 20 Jahre erfolgreiche Tätigkeit in der Immobilienbranche mit Schwerpunkten in den USA und Europa.

Dr. George Weinberg, President

Dr. George Weinberg

After school graduation George Weinberg studied business administration at Boston University from 1968-1970. He received his master's degree in construction engineering from the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany in 1974. While employed in the City Authority's Planning Department in Dusseldorf, he taught at the architecture and engineering schools of RWTH University and worked on his doctoral thesis. He was awarded his doctorate in 1982.

He then moved into the private sector and was partner and vice-president of construction and development in the New Jersey, USA, based Atlantic Realty Corporation.

In 1990, he moved back to Germany as shareholder and board member of a public, listed company of which the main shareholder was Folksarm, the second largest Scandinavian insurance company. He moved to Berlin from Dusseldorf in 1992 to take up the position of managing director of Berliner Bank Real Estate.

In 1998 he established Tomorrow Fund Management Germany/USA and was CEO/Partner for the German and US operations until 2004. From 2004 until present his activities are concentrating on Grundwert USA/Polska as an Executive President/Partner.

During his professional career, Dr. Weinberg has specialized in commercial, retail, and residential development, heading several partnerships involving personal equity participation.

Over the span of his career to date, Dr. Weinberg has been responsible for construction and development with a total value of around US $5 billion.

Christopher Schneck, Vice President - General Manager of US Operations

Christopher Schneck

Christopher Schneck is an experienced senior executive manager with a proven track record in real estate development, sales/marketing and capital project management. Previously held executive positions with several prominent US Real Estate Investment Trusts. Skilled in the management of multi-disciplinary teams with responsibilities in the area of client liaison, fee and contract negotiations, project programming and scheduling, he is a Master of Science in Architecture and Civil Engineering and is multi-lingual with international/domestic business experience.